Azure webinar series Gain Real-Time SAP Data Insights with Azure Synapse Analytics

Webinar date: February 17, 2021

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For companies worldwide, SAP data is at the core of their business applications—housing critical information on sales, manufacturing, and financial processes. Due to the inherent complexity of SAP systems—which are often composed of tens of thousands of tables—many organizations struggle to integrate SAP data into modern analytics projects.

Join this webinar to learn how Azure Synapse Analytics, Qlik Data Integration, and Power BI can bring real-time SAP data insights to your entire organization, and how to get started quickly.

Find out how to:

Transform your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in a hub of insights.

Reduce supply chain interruptions and leakage.

Optimize inventory management.

Resolve customer churn and enhance customer service.

Save on costs with improved IT operational efficiency.

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