Monday, July 19

Transform Your Business with Data Driven Insights

Broadcast Date: July 20, 2021 Level: 100 Business metric data is a treasure trove of insights. But getting to those insights requires either a lot of time or the right tools. The predictive nature of machine learning can leverage your data to provide proactive actionable insights to act on new opportunities, catch issues before they occur, and better anticipate the needs of your business. In this tech talk, you’ll learn how to apply machine learning, informed by over 20 years of experience at Amazon, to help you make the most of your business metrics to do things like accurately predict supply-demand forecasting and detect and diagnose anomalies in business and operational data—all with no ML expertise required. Learn how AWS Machine learning helps with business forecasting and anomaly detection Get a glimpse of how Amazon Forecast and Amazon Lookout for Metrics work Learn about customers who are using AWS ML to transform their business with data CFO, VP/Director of (Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain, Procurement, Operations, Sales, Customer Support, Strategic Planning), CTO, CIO / Director of IT / VP Analytics and/or Data Science,

Chris King, Sr. AI Services Specialist SA, AWS

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