March 22, 2021

Run Apache Spark on Kubernetes with Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS

Broadcast Date: March 22, 2021 Level: 200 At AWS re:Invent 2020, we introduced Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS to simplify running big data frameworks on Kubernetes. This new deployment lets you use Amazon EMR to run Apache Spark workloads on Amazon EKS, freeing you from self-managing the open source code, providing better performance, and allowing you to consolidate your infrastructure. In this tech talk, we will go through the benefits of Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS, dive into the technical details, and show you how to get started with a demo. Learn how Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS simplifies running Apache Spark on Kubernetes to deploy a modern application using AWS Fargate, AWS Copilot, and Amazon ECS Understand how you can reduce costs by running Spark on EKS See how clusters start faster and your applications can be more reliable Data Engineers, Data Scientists

Damon Cortesi, Prin. Developer Advocate, AWS

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