Quickly and Securely Move Your Files to AWS for Migration or Data Protection Using AWS DataSync

Broadcast Date: October 29, 2020 Level: 200 Do you need to move TBs or PBs of unstructured data to AWS? Are you looking to move your data quickly and easily, without the hassle of do-it-yourself scripting, error handling, and monitoring? Do you need encryption, end-to-end data validation, and automatic recovery from network issues? AWS DataSync makes it simple and fast to move large amounts of data between on-premises and AWS Cloud Storage, automating and managing both the processes and the infrastructure required for your high-performance and secure data transfers. You can use DataSync to migrate active data to AWS, archive data to free up on-premises storage capacity, or replicate data to AWS for business continuity. In this tech talk, we will discuss how DataSync enables you to quickly, easily, and securely move your on-premises NAS or object data to Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, or Amazon FSx for Windows File Server. Learn about the common use cases that DataSync addresses such as data migration, archiving of cold data, and data protection Learn how you can use DataSync to migrate active data sets or archives to AWS and protect your data with replication or backup Learn how DataSync makes it easy for you to copy large amounts of data between on-premises object storage and AWS Cloud Storage Cloud Architects, IT Directors, IT Managers, IT Administrators, IoT Developers, APN Consulting Partners

Jeff Bartley, Hybrid Cloud Storage and Data Transfer Solutions Architect, AWS

Learn More To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/datasync/