LogMeIn's Journey to EKS

Webinar date: November 17, 2020

[aws cloud]

Broadcast Date: November 17, 2020 Level: 300 Companies are moving their barebones Kubernetes environments to Amazon EKS as fast as they can to eliminate complexity and dramatically scale their applications to customer demands. For LogMeIn, there were many considerations when managing and scaling a complex Kubernetes environment. In this tech talk, learn how LogMeIn rapidly adopted and deployed an enterprise-level Kubernetes environment on Amazon EKS. We’ll talk about best practices to help you provision, deploy, and configure your enterprise Kubernetes environments on EKS and you’ll learn how to take advantage of CloudFormation to automate and scale EKS. Learn how LogMeIn effectively scaled their RTC environment on Amazon EKS Explore why LogMeIn chose AWS EKS as their solution of choice due to the maturity of the networking and control plane management Understand the challenges of rapidly deploying the GoToMeeting RTC application via CloudFormation and more importantly, EKS node life-cycle management and version control surrounding system updates DevOps Teams, System Engineers, Developers, DevOps Engineering

Jeremy Hall, Technical Account Manager, AWS Sebastian Daehne, Senior Manager - DevOps and Security, LogMeIn

Learn More To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/eks/

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