June 16, 2021

Building a Scalable, Human-in-the-Loop Customizable Language Translation Solution Using AWS AI Services

Broadcast Date: June 16, 2021 Level: 300 Translation solutions can be used to accelerate text analysis across multiple languages, facilitate communication, or improve the customer experience with localized content. However, translation solutions have traditionally been a time consuming and costly effort. In this tech talk, we will show you how to build a scalable translation solution that combines continuously improving machine translation with human in the loop processing using Amazon Translate and Amazon Augmented AI. See how customers are applying these solutions to reduce translation costs, improve translation quality, build translation IP, and reduce time for delivery across various industries - content localization for direct consumer engagement for retail customers, adverse drug events translation in the life sciences industry, and customer service calls translation in the customer service industry. We’ll wrap up with reference architectures and best practices on customization. Learn how to design a scalable translation solution with Amazon Translate and Amazon A2I Collect post edits from human teams and augment the accuracy of Amazon Translate using Active Custom Translation Dive into customer-specific solutions, reference architectures and best practices to learn how you can customize and deploy this solution in your organization Business Decision Makers, IT Decision Makers, IT Managers, Compliance, Legal, Product Safety, R&D Information Research, Developers, Software Engineers

Mayank Thakkar, Prin. Solutions Architect Global Life Sciences, AWS Watson Srivathasan, Product Manager, Amazon Translate Patti Gaves, Enterprise Service Manager, AWS Professional Services

Learn More To learn more about the services featured in this talk, please visit: https://aws.amazon.com/translate/

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