September 30, 2021

Best Practices for Data Backup and Restore in the Cloud for Small and Medium Businesses

Broadcast Date: September 30, 2021 Level: 100 The exponential growth of data worldwide and increased data compliance regulations, have made managing backups more difficult for small and medium businesses. Traditional methods such as tape libraries and secondary sites lack scalability with limited capacity, so many small and medium businesses are extending backup targets to the cloud. While the cloud offers better scalability, building cloud-enabled backup solutions requires careful consideration of existing IT investments, recovery objectives, and architectural framework. This is where AWS can help you deliver successful business outcomes with our data protection services. Join this tech talk to learn more about best practices for data backup and restore in the cloud for your small and medium business. Understand why the cloud is the right path forward for your small or medium business and how AWS can help your business be more effective with scalability, TCO, and data security See how AWS cloud storage simplifies your IT environment Learn how backing up, restoring, and securing your data on AWS can create value and drive innovation for your business cloud architects, application, IT administrators, storage administrators, developers, IT managers

Rolland Miller, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS

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