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Unified protection with Elastic Security on Elastic Cloud

Get your Elastic skill set up to speed with Thorben Jändling, Senior Solutions Architect in Elastic’s global security specialists group. In this deep dive demo, we will show you how easy it is to get started with Elastic Security on Elastic Cloud.

Harness the Power of Edge Computing for Guaranteed Uptime and Real-Time Responses

Edge computing topologies allow data to be processed closer to the source, enabling a new class of applications that are always on and always available. In this webinar, our guest analyst Michele Goetz from Forrester will explore this fast-growing computing paradigm, its market trends, and how your organization can take advantage of the benefits of a distributed cloud architecture.

Preparing for the Elastic Certified Observability Engineer Exam

Elastic Certified Observability Engineers have a clear view of what’s happening across their entire ecosystem. By bringing their logs, metrics, and APM traces together at scale in a single stack, they can monitor and react to events happening anywhere in their environment.

Azure webinar series Modernize Your Apps with Azure SQL Managed Instance

Migrating to the cloud and struggling with what to do with that “long tail” of legacy applications? Get the most out of them by modernizing with Azure SQL Managed Instance. Combining the best of on-premises SQL Server with all the benefits of a fully managed database service, SQL Managed Instance is the destination for SQL Server modernization at scale and has evolved to meet an even broader array of workload requirements that touch on performance, manageability, compatibility, and data mobility.